Mount a Strong Defense Against a Serious Charge

Trust your case to a Tallahassee, FL murder defense lawyer

Have you been charged with murder in the first, second or third degree in the Tallahassee, Florida area? Don't wait for the gavel to drop on your future - reach out to The Law Offices of Robert A. Morris, LLC. Robert A. Morris is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will help you mount a robust defense.

Understanding the crime of murder

Murder, or homicide, is typically the most serious charge that can be faced by a criminal defendant in Tallahassee, Florida or anywhere else. It's a crime that is prosecuted in one of three ways:

  • First-degree murder - also known as "premeditated murder"
  • Second-degree murder - also known as "hot-blooded murder"
  • Manslaughter - also known as "third-degree murder" or "negligent homicide"

Our attorney, Robert A. Morris, can help you avoid serious punishments such as life imprisonment or the death penalty. Call 850-792-1111 to consult with an authority on violent crime law in Tallahassee, Florida.