Fight Back Against Kidnapping Charges

Fight Back Against Kidnapping Charges

Hire a skilled attorney to represent you in Tallahassee, FL

You might think your kidnapping charges are just a simple misunderstanding. No matter the situation, abductions are always taken extremely seriously. Make sure you team up with a skilled attorney if you've been accused of adult or child kidnapping.

At The Law Offices of Robert A. Morris, LLC, you can discuss your case with an experienced attorney in Tallahassee, FL. We'll review the details of your situation and explain your options. We accept the toughest cases and can help defend your rights, whether you've been accused of a local abduction or felony kidnapping across state lines. Speak with our attorney today to start building your case.

The types of kidnapping cases we accept

Kidnapping sounds like a simple crime, but the law applies to a variety of situations. Our attorney can help with cases involving...

  • Adult kidnapping, like confining a person against their will
  • Child kidnapping, including moving a child without the consent of their guardian
  • Parental kidnapping, which involves taking a child without having legal custody

Whether you've been against of holding a ransom or kidnapping your child, our attorney can help you fight back against the charges. Make an appointment by calling 850-792-1111.